About us

Legalex law office We thoroughly investigate each legal matter and analyze all details thereto, as it is precisely the details that can prove to be decisive for the ultimate success of a case.

In communication with our clients we use a language that is understandable to them, as their understanding of our work and of the solutions we offer is key to ultimate success.

We are always proactive, original and we suggest decisions that work, we perform professionally and on time all the commitments we take and regularly report the progress on a particular matter.

As part of a consulting group, we always apply a multidisciplinary approach to solving separate legal cases by taking into account all tax, financial, accounting and other effects so that the client gets the best solution from every point of view.

We never create unrealistic or false expectations for solving a particular legal matter just to get client’s assignment.

We provide 100% compliance with GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Our experience

We serve small, medium and big companies in all industries, with revenues ranging from a few hundred thousand to nearly 100 million leva, including companies involved in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, services, banking and finance, and many others.

The legal services in which we have a lot of experience are:

  • Commercial, Tax, Labour and Administrative Law;
  • Preparation of all types of contracts and participation in negotiations;
  • Appeal of all types of administrative acts, including tax audit reports.“
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