1. Абонаментно правно обслужване


  2. Сливания и придобивания


  3. Търговско и дружествено право


  4. Employment and Social Security Law

    • Conclusion, amendment and termination of individual and collective employment agreements
    • Imposing disciplinary punishments
  5. Real estates and Construction

    • Security during real estate transactions
    • Conclusion and termination of rental contracts
  6. Защита на лични данни


  7. Мерки срещу изпирането на пари


  8. Tax Law

    • Tax planning of corporate and personal taxes;
    • Appeal against tax assessment acts and other acts issued by the administration;
  9. Insolvency

    Initiation, protection and representation in insolvency proceedings.

  10. Competition Law

    • Consultations and representation pursuant to the Law on Protection of Competition
  11. Trade marks, intellectual property and related rights

    • Research and registration of trade marks, including registration of international trade marks and of Community trade marks.
  12. Litigation

    • Representation before state and arbitration courts and special jurisdictions.